2:10 pm – 3:10 pm | Town Hall Session | Room: Roman III & IV

IIBA®'s Competency Model: Path to Mastery

Moderated by: Suzanne Bertschi

Presented by: Deb Oliver, Jas Phul


IIBA®'s Competency model describes the knowledge, skills, abilities and other personal characteristics required for a person to be successful as a BA Professional.  This session discusses how it can be leveraged to develop a successful, lifelong career.  
In this session, we will:  

  • Describe IIBA's BA Competency Model
  • Discuss how it can be used to guide professional development
  • Discuss how to leverage it to assess ongoing progress

This "town hall" session provides a good foundation for the certification session.


Suzanne Bertschi

Suzanne Bertschi

Head of Certification & Recognition Services, Education Standards & Research

Suzanne's 2016 Presentations:

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