11:30 am – 12:30 pm | Panel Discussion | Room: Pacifica 7-12

Opinion of Gurus Panel: Building for Change

Moderated by: Roger Tregear

Presented by: Roger Burlton, Ronald G. Ross, John A. Zachman


This final session of the conference brings together three panelists who have been amongst the greatest contributors to the development of business capability over the last three decades. Roger Burlton, Ron Ross, and John Zachman have shaped the practices of business rules, process, and architecture, and their interrelationships.

Recently, they have combined their insights and experience to co-author the Business Agility Manifesto. In this session, moderated by Roger Tregear, they will discuss and explain the manifesto and how it should be used to improve organizational performance. Questions will be invited from the audience.

Delegates attending this session will learn:

  • the role and importance of business agility
  • how organizations can improve their business agility
  • the impediments to business agility
  • the importance of business knowledge and how it should be managed and used.

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Roger Tregear

Roger Tregear

Consulting Director
Leonardo Consulting

Roger Tregear delivers BPM education and consulting assignments, bringing to them 30 years of management consulting experience. He spends his working life talking, thinking, and writing about the analysis, improvement, innovation, and management of business processes. His work has taken him to Australia, New Zealand, Bahrain, Belgium, Nigeria, South Africa, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, and the USA.

Roger is a regular columnist for BPTrends. He is author of Practical Process (2013), co-author of Establishing the Office of Business Process Management (2011), and contributed the chapter Business Process Standardization in The International Handbook on BPM (2010, 2015). With Paul Harmon, Roger edited Questioning BPM? (2016). Roger's iconic book, Reimagining Management, was also published in 2016. Process Precepts (2017), Roger's latest book, involves a cosmopolitan, global team in discussions about the process of management.

Roger's 2017 Presentations:

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