NOVEMBER 11-15, 2019

NOVEMBER 11-15, 2019
Official Conference of the
International Institute of Business Analysis 


Thursday, November 8, 2018

4:30 pm – 5:15 pm | Presentation | Room: Grand Oaks G

Why Bother With Business Rules

Presented by: Sandra Sears, Carol Drew


Business rules are often a hidden, crucial part of an organization's institutional knowledge. Unless business rules are subjected to the "light of day", an organization will be diminished in its capacity to make informed decisions, plan and estimate accurately, provide a consistent and positive experience for customers and vendors, and function in a productive and optimal manner.

Business rules have impact beyond the scope of any particular project and are applied across the organization. A specific rule may impact operational processes (as in a rule that describes the time period during which a request must be fulfilled), enterprise data (as in a rule that describes a calculation), roles (as in the requirement to establish a new audit function), and events (as in a rule that requires reporting to a government agency for transactions in excess of a certain dollar amount).

While business rules are defined as being under the control of the business, the need for a business rule is often triggered by an external entity, through laws and regulations, through the actions of competitors, and through the behavior of customers. In this regard, the urgency to implement a business rule may not be under the control of the business.

This presentation discusses where an organization can look for its business rules, how to discover and document those rules, and why capturing business rules is so important. We will also describe how an organization can achieve the many benefits of explicitly knowing its business rules.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the impact of rules on profitability, viability, adaptability, customer service, & risk
  • Understand the challenges in discovering and documenting business rules
  • Understand the many benefits gained by discovering and documenting business rules

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 Sandra Sears

Sandra Sears, PMP, CBAP, PMI-PBA,SA, CCP

Preceptor Group

Sandy Sears, PMP, CBAP, PMI-PBA,SA, CCP is an independent consultant, and was formerly a Director at Robbins Gioia, where she was a member of the Business Analysis practice.  As a former executive at a large insurance company, Sandy was responsible for IT process and practice development and was a key player in a large IT transformation effort, leading the rollout of project management, business analysis, and testing practices and tools across the organization. She also led the development of standardized processes for project portfolio management, IT financial management, and the solution delivery life cycle.  At a previous company, she received the prestigious Chairman’s Award for her work in introducing a new annuity product line in Tokyo, Japan.  She has been a speaker at industry conferences and for professional and education organizations. She has an MA from University of Connecticut in Experimental Psychology and an AB in mathematics and psychology with distinction in all subjects from Cornell University, and her work has been featured in the book entitled Breakthrough Business Analysis by Kathleen Hass.

Sandra's 2018 Presentations:

  1. Why Bother With Business Rules
    Thursday, November 8, 2018 (4:30 pm – 5:15 pm)

 Carol  Drew

Carol Drew, CBAP, SA

Senior Business Analyst / Client Engagement Lead
Robbins Gioia

Carol Drew, CBAP, SA is Senior Business Analyst, Client Engagement Lead at RG (Robbins Gioia, LLC). She is a founding member of the Pittsburgh IIBA® Chapter, and has served on the board as VP of Programs, President and Past President. She was a reviewer of the IIBA® BABOK 3.0 and she loves helping individuals and organizations find value in Business Analysis. Her skill set spans facilitating business requirements sessions to serving in the key role of developing technical solutions. As a certified business analysis professional, her responsibilities include elicitation and presentation of information for project team review, collaboration, commenting and approval. Additional responsibilities include analyzing requirements lifecycle methodologies, BA tools and architecture frameworks and providing leadership and implementation support for clients selecting tools and approaches.

Carol's 2018 Presentations:

  1. Why Bother With Business Rules
    Thursday, November 8, 2018 (4:30 pm – 5:15 pm)

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