NOVEMBER 11-15, 2019

NOVEMBER 11-15, 2019
Official Conference of the
International Institute of Business Analysis 


Thursday, November 9, 2017

2:10 pm – 3:10 pm | Presentation | Room: Coral 1 & 2

Cultivating Business Transformation: A Packet of Seeds and a Shovel is not Gardening

Presented by: Roger Tregear


If process-based management is such a good way to meet contemporary challenges, why isn’t every organization doing it? Why are most organizations barely halfway up the BPM maturity scale? Sure, most organizations have mechanisms, some proactive but many reactive, to fix broken processes, but why aren’t there more examples of full-on systematic approaches embedded in a culture of delivering genuine innovation, continuous improvement, strategic differentiation, and enhanced customer outcomes? Is that just magical thinking, or are we doing something wrong?

It doesn’t have to be like that. Such a collaborative approach can, and should, be achieved, but the first thing we need to transform is management itself. Traditional management is heavily invested in optimizing operations up and down the organization chart. Value (products and services) is created via collaboration across the organization chart. We need to reconcile these views; we need to redesign management.
This presentation is designed to allow analysts, managers, consultants, architects, and all business professionals, to uncover why organizations fail to achieve and sustain effective process-based management. Importantly, it will also discuss the principles and countermeasures that will help avoid such failure.

Come to this presentation if you would like to learn how to take a personal leadership position in developing and sustaining effective process-based management.

Learning Objectives:

  • A systematic approach to process-based management
  • Countermeasures for process management failure
  • Core principles of process-based management
  • Using the virtuous circles of management
  • Achieving genuine executive buy-in
  • Practical steps for immediate implementation

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 Roger Tregear

Roger Tregear

Consulting Director
Leonardo Consulting

Roger Tregear delivers BPM education and consulting assignments, bringing to them 30 years of management consulting experience. He spends his working life talking, thinking, and writing about the analysis, improvement, innovation, and management of business processes. His work has taken him to Australia, New Zealand, Bahrain, Belgium, Nigeria, South Africa, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, and the USA.

Roger is a regular columnist for BPTrends. He is author of Practical Process (2013), co-author of Establishing the Office of Business Process Management (2011), and contributed the chapter Business Process Standardization in The International Handbook on BPM (2010, 2015). With Paul Harmon, Roger edited Questioning BPM? (2016). Roger's iconic book, Reimagining Management, was also published in 2016. Process Precepts (2017), Roger's latest book, involves a cosmopolitan, global team in discussions about the process of management.

Roger's 2017 Presentations:

  1. Improving Process Improvement: Delivering on the Promise
    Tuesday, November 7, 2017 (1:30 pm – 4:30 pm)
  2. Cultivating Business Transformation: A Packet of Seeds and a Shovel is not Gardening
    Thursday, November 9, 2017 (2:10 pm – 3:10 pm)
  3. Opinion of Gurus Panel: Building for Change
    Friday, November 10, 2017 (11:30 am – 12:30 pm)

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